Why Choose Malaysian Nitrile Examination Gloves?

Established Reputation

Malaysia is the world's largest exporter of medical gloves made from natural rubber and nitrile. Malaysia nitrile examination gloves are exported to more than 110 countries worldwide, with the USA and the European Union (EU) as top export destinations.


Malaysian manufacturers launch the world's first high stress relaxation nitrile examination glove in 2004, weighing only 4.9g. Since then, Malaysia has moved forward to produce many innovative and value added nitrile examination gloves. These innovations include colloidal oatmeal and silk coated gloves.

Malaysian manufacturers are able to customize nitrile gloves according to all requirements; including size, shape, thickness, colour, packaging, antistatic property or accelerator-free material.

International Standards

Malaysian manufacturers produce high quality nitrile examination gloves that are competitively priced and meet international standards. Nitrile examination gloves from Malaysia conform to standards such as the ASTM, ISO and EN.

Modern Manufacturing Facilities

Malaysian glove manufacturers have invested substantially in the state-of-the-art facilities to enhance gloves quality and production efficiency to meet the growing demand for medical gloves. Over the years, Malaysian glove manufacturers have moved towards installing energy efficient manufacturing plants, including the use of natural gas and biomass technology.

Product Performance

Malaysian nitrile gloves provides the best alternative to natural latex glove for latex protein sensitive users. Nitrile gloves not only demonstrate comparable barier performance to latex, but has other advantages such as solvent and chemical resistance, good puncture resistance and low resistance to friction.

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